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Our Mission - Motivated by God’s love, we exist to serve individuals, families, organisations and communities in the South Pacific to lead others into a growing relationship with Christ Jesus and fellowship with Christians.About Us - Connecting Brisbane with the South Pacific.
We are a Christian, charitable organisation aimed at serving Vanuatu and other South Pacific islands. We believe that building and maintaining relationships within the islands' communities expresses God’s call in our lives to love our neighbours.

Establishing and concreting ties

○ pastoring groups + individuals○ speaking + teaching○ discipling converts + believers○ liaising with medical clinics + schools in the South Pacific○ transporting supplies/donations from Australia/USA to Vanuatu/South Pacific

Maintaining and cultivating ties

○ facilitating short-term mission efforts (cyclone/storm relief, teaching, and supplies) to Vanuatu and other islands of the South Pacific○ pastoral guidance

Developing and continuing a presence

○ permanent/semi-permanent/ongoing interfacing with local communities of Vanuatu/other islands of the South Pacific○ network hosting/facilitating short-term mission efforts in Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific Islands


○ Furlough opportunities for those in ministry and missions-
We want to organise opportunities for our friends in ministry and missions to come here for periods of sabbatical and...where appropriate, help with the work.
○ Partnering and networking with other missional efforts/facilitating workshops and retreats○ Assisting/guiding church plants and satellite efforts on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and Aboriginal areas○ Fostering the expansion of vibrant, Christ-centered ministries and projects via coaching, networking, and curating

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